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Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing the air in your Chestermere AB home is as fresh as the prairie breeze. That sense of comfort isn’t just a dream—it’s what Alberta Furnace Cleaning delivers every day. With an illustrious history since 1986 and an award-winning reputation, including the accolades from Consumer’s Choice since 2003 and Calgary Herald Reader’s Choice since 2012, you’re not just choosing a service—you’re choosing excellence. Our NADCA Certification and commitment to COR Workplace Safety showcase not just our ability but our dedication to the highest standards. Trust in our professional team of friendly, bonded, and security-checked technicians for a service guarantee that promises your complete satisfaction.

Residential Services

Furnace Cleaning

In the brisk climate of Chestermere AB, your furnace is the heart of your home’s comfort. But over time, dust and debris can settle in your system, compromising efficiency and air quality. Our furnace cleaning services rejuvenate your heating system, enhancing performance and extending its life—a wise investment for a homeowner like you who appreciates value.

Air Duct Cleaning

The invisible culprits of poor indoor air quality—pollen, pet dander, and dust mites—settle in the nooks of your duct system. Our thorough duct cleaning Chestermere AB services ensure these unwanted guests don’t overstay, safeguarding your home’s air purity and your family’s health.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Neglecting your dryer vent can be more than just inefficient; it can be a hazard. Lint buildup is a leading cause of house fires. Our dryer vent cleaning Chestermere AB specialists meticulously clear your vents, reducing risk and restoring your dryer’s efficiency. Now, that’s a breath of fresh air!

Commercial Services

Services For Property Managers

Managing properties in Chestermere AB means safeguarding investments and ensuring tenant satisfaction. Partner with Alberta Furnish Cleaning to ensure your properties’ HVAC systems are in top shape, avoiding costly breakdowns and complaints.

Services For Construction Companies

Post-construction cleanup is crucial for that polished finish. Dust and debris from construction can infiltrate HVAC systems. We provide comprehensive cleaning services that construction companies need to present a pristine project to their clients.

Solving Problems and Avoiding Pain Points

Here in Chestermere AB, you know the importance of a well-maintained home. But with your busy life, it’s easy to overlook the silent issues lurking in your HVAC system. Alberta Furnace Cleaning is your vigilant partner, identifying and rectifying common issues before they become costly problems. From reducing allergens and eliminating strange noises to improving system longevity and lowering energy bills, we ensure a cozy, safe, and efficient home environment.

Our Chestermere AB Community

Our roots run as deep as the aspen groves in Chestermere AB. From the lakeside relaxation of Westmere to the family-friendly vibe in Rainbow Falls, we serve all neighborhoods with pride. It’s not just about service—it’s about being part of a community we love and ensuring the comfort of our neighbors’ homes.


What sets Alberta Furnace Cleaning apart from the competition? Our dedication to safety, excellence, and satisfaction sets us apart. With a team of bonded, full-time technicians and a commitment to the best industry standards, Alberta Furnace Cleaning is a choice you can trust.

How often should I have my furnace and ducts cleaned? We recommend cleaning your furnace and ducts every two years to maintain optimal air quality and system performance. However, if you have pets, allergies, or have had recent renovations, you may consider more frequent cleaning.

Can regular cleaning of my HVAC system really save me money? Absolutely. A clean system runs more efficiently, which can reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Regular maintenance also catches potential problems early, saving you from more expensive repairs down the line.

Is the cleaning process messy or disruptive? Our team takes great care to ensure a clean and seamless process with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We respect your home as if it were our own, leaving everything as clean—or cleaner—than when we arrived.

Keep Your Chestermere Home Breathable and Bright

You’ve built a life in the scenic beauty of Chestermere AB—let us help you maintain the sanctuary you call home. With Alberta Furnace Cleaning, you choose a pristine living environment, energy-efficient home systems, and peace of mind, all serviced with expert care. If you’re ready to experience the difference professional furnace, duct, and dryer vent cleaning can make, reach out to us today. Your home deserves nothing less.

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Left us a 5 star review

I had my ducts cleaned and the service was exceptional and thorough. Right from the moment they arrived, they were respectful of my home and kept everything clean and tidy. They were both kind and knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure the job was completed at a high standard. When Arsen noticed my furnace was extremely dusty he recommended some additional solutions like sanitizing and then possibly an air purifier. I have an asthmatic cat and these solutions worked great for me. Overall, I’m Incredibly happy with the service I received, I would highly recommend!

Guys today doing my furnace & vent cleaning were super friendly and did a great job! Will be using your services in the future.

My house’s previous owner hadn't cleaned their furnace for a long time. That's why I hired them to clean before I move in. The staff were nice, professional, and efficient. They really did a great job. I definitely recommend them to my friends Amy

Fast next day service. They did 18 vents, the furnace and the dryer vent on the roof in under an hour. Great work.

Cody and his team came in and swiftly completed the job perfectly. No extra “upselling” that I appreciated. Friendly and informative. Even gave me some great furnace hacks to help me with the furnace in my next house.

They came today to clean out our furnace and vents. It was a lovely experience. They were quick, respectful of our space and pups, and very professional. Will use them again.

Neil and Travis did amazing job, really good communication and did the job professionally and proficiently. Thanks for the help in cleaning our ducts and furnace

Amazing service and did a great job! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly! If you need your furnace and vents cleaned look no further! I’ll be a return customer for sure!

I have used other companies for furnace cleaning and I have to say, Alberta Furnace Cleaning is by far, superior in every way. They are organized, efficient and extremely friendly. I can highly recommend them. Thanks Cody and Trev for your great service. I appreciate your hard work! Nancy

We have had Alberta Furnace Cleaning come to our house several years ago to clean our dryer vents and they had done a great job. In the last week, our dryer kept shutting off mid cycle. We had other furnace companies come in since the last time we had Alberta Furnace Cleaning, and these companies really did not have the right equipment to clean a second story dryer vent effectively. Our dryer vent has different bends before exiting the house, and Alberta Furnace Cleaning has the best tools to dislodge any build up in the kinks of the dryer vent. Curtis, Thomas, and Jason were all very courteous, kind, and patient. They did a great job of cleaning the vent, and making sure the dryer was running correctly before leaving. They were very efficient workers and left the space exactly how they found it. It was an absolute pleasure having them by! Not all dryer vent cleaning services are the same, and I would highly recommend Alberta Furnace Cleaning. Both times their technicians have been by have been great experiences with high quality work. I will only be using them in the future.

Thanks for doing such a great job on our furnace and vents!! Fast and efficient!

Technitions were very puntual, efficient, courteous and knowledgable. I will use Alberta Furnace Cleaning again and highly recommend them.

I called to get a quote and was quoted much less than any other furnace cleaning company i called. We live outside Calgary so most companies charge a fee to come to us. They got us in right away and arrived on time! the gentleman that showed were knowledgable, professional and polite. The service was quick and the guys made sure to clean up and leave the space as they found it. We will definitely be recommending and using this company again

Justin and Kody were awesome. Great service from the two of them. They were mindful of pets and gave exceptional suggestions as to minor improvements we could make regarding everything furnace function, cleanliness, and longevity. We will hire these guys again. Very pleased with the reusable filter that we will be able to clean ourselves every 3months!

I had Arsen and James come to clean my furnace and ducts. They did a fabulous job. Very professional and polite. They were patient as I asked quite a few questions. I would highly recommend them. Thank you

Furnace/duct cleaning. Taylor and Clint were very pleasant and efficient. All went well. Thank you!

I’ve used this company before for carpet cleaning and they are always super professional and do a fantastic job. The 2 furnace technicians were super friendly and knowledgeable. It was great!

Alberta Furnace Cleaning is a very professional, well organized, quality home service provider in Calgary. They communicate with customers all the scheduling details of the job before service date. They sent multiple text messages for the reminder and confirmation. This is a professional way a company does their business. Not to mention how long they have been servicing Calgarians here, although this is my first time to hire Alberta Furnace Cleaning to do the furnace and HRV cleaning, their technican Tom and Mykola arrived on time with very good manners and nice greetings. They explained all the work arrangements to me before they started and Tom answered all my questions of their work. Now I have a good understanding of how and how often this should be done. Mykola and Tom worked together really well. IMPRESSIVE. I had an efficient, professional and outstanding cleaning service. I wish to have them back next time I call Alberta Furnace Cleaning. Kudos to Tom, Mykola and Alberta Furnace Cleaning.

Thomas and Jason were very efficient and professional. Answered our questions and explained everything well. Would recommend them highly for your furnace needs.

Fast, friendly and good quality duct and furnace cleaning from Kody and Justin