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Whether your furnace has stopped working completely or it just making funny noises our technicians have seen it all and are certified to repair all residential and commercial furnaces.

Besides repairing the problem, if needed, our friendly technicians will talk to you about best heating practices, the cause of the problem and any tips or advice to avoid the problem from repeating again. If the problem might recur or the furnace unit is too old our technicians will suggest a replacement and will guide you with how to go about and replacing your unit.

Furnace Motor Repair

Call the furnace experts

Our technicians have the combined experience of decades in all types of residential and commercial furnace repairs and heating system maintenance. We constantly update our staff with the latest in training and best practices. This translates into better service and lowers costs for our customers as our technicians can complete the required repairs in less time.

Alberta Furnace Cleaning is proud to be COR certified, placing the safety of our technicians and customers as the number one priority when doing any type of work. Be rest assured that our technicians will have your safety as a top priority.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with one of Alberta’s oldest providers of furnace repair and maintenance service that prides itself on providing an honest service at the best value possible. We have grown to be one of Southern Alberta’s favorite thanks to the referral from many of our clients.

Doing it right for our clients is our business model, a satisfied customer is a returning customer!

Recommended Service – Furnace and Duct Cleaning

The foundation for an efficient, money-saving and well-functioning heating/cooling system in a home with a forced air system is a well kept and clean system free of debris, clogged vents, dirty filters and related. It is strongly recommended that your furnace and duct work be cleaned at least once every 2 years by a professional.

Furnace Cleaning Truck
Furnace Repair Service
Five Star Cleaning
"We always call them to clean our dryer vent ducts every second year or so, as these can ignite otherwise and cause fires"
"It was shocking to see the amount of lint they pulled out of our vents, I am glad we did our dryer vent cleaning and duct cleaning!"
"Alberta Furnace Cleaning is the go to company to clean your commercial dryer vents, I use them in my 2 restaurants"
"Wayne was amazing, thank you for all the tips and advice, he knows heating systems in and out, a to z, highly recommended"
"Clogged dryer vents are especially dangerous in the dry weather of Calgary, this is a must service and we don't skip a year. we always call Alberta Furnace Cleaning, they always have the best price and their service is great"
"A+ Company and great rates for any cleaning related services"
" ... great service experience with Alberta Furnace Cleaning, we did our dryer vents, furnace and ducts, highly recommended."
"Riz and Isy did a great job in our townhouse, the dryer was not working properly becaue it was clogged, they cleaned it spotless and now it's back to normal"