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Toxic build up in your chimney can be a health and safety hazard

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This service:

  • Burners Cleaning
  • Exterior Cover Cleaning
  • ‘Predator’ Professional Chimney Cleaning

Prices do not include GST 


Prices do not include GST. The minimum service call is $119. Some restrictions apply. Call for more details.

Clean Chimney
Clean Chimney

This Service is an Add-On to: Furnace and Duct Cleaning

The foundation for an efficient, money-saving and well-functioning heating/cooling system in a home with a forced air system is a well kept and clean system free of debris, clogged vents, dirty filters and related. It is strongly recommended that your furnace and duct work be cleaned at least once every 2 years by a professional.

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Chimney Cleaning Service

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" We use our wood burning chimney often in the winter ... these guys know what they are doing, been using them for 8 years"
" Alberta Furnace Cleaning does our chimney cleaning every time we do our duct cleaning ... they are very professional"
"We had a chimney full of creosote ( sticky gue on the walls of the chimney ) and it actually ignited, pretty scary .. these guys cleaned our chimney, what a difference!"
" price, service, timing, everything was perfect, good job Wayne!"
" Riz is an expert ... he did our furnace cleaning and chimney cleaning as well ... A+ service ... recommend it"
" .. Rates were reasonable. I would highly recommend them! ..."

Chimney Cleaning

Before lighting your next log this winter season, it would be a good idea to ensure that your chimney is prepared to handle it. Chimneys are often neglected when it comes to house cleaning.

Chimney cleaning is important maintenance service that will keep your home safe during the winter. In addition, a clean chimney allows better smoke ventilation which produces better and livelier fires, this is thanks to an easy access to fresh air to your fireplace.

Healthy Fire Place
Chimney cleaning is essential in the upkeep of your fire place
Chimney Cleaning
Vacuum duct used to clean chimneys

Fire prevention

Dirty chimneys are one of the primary causes of some of the most destructive house fires in Alberta. When the wood has been burned, the produced smoke will leave a residue on the inside of your chimney. If this residue is builds up, it will eventually produce a  black and sticky substance called creosote – a flammable and carcinogenic material that can cause chimney fires.

When compared to the expense of repairing the damage caused by a chimney fire, not to mention the risk of injury that is posed by dirty chimneys, cleaning chimney on a regular basis is quite a bargain.

How often do chimneys should be cleaned?

Professional chimney cleaning schedule may range from once every couple of months to no less than once every second year depending on the use of the chimney, the kind of burning unit you have, how you operate the unit, and the kind of wood you burn.

Unless you are using your fireplace as a main source of heat and have wood burning several times per week, most of the fireplaces are not used with enough regularity so as to justify getting them cleaned every couple months.

Our technicians recommend doing this service every time you do your regular furnace and duct cleaning service. This way you also can save by bundling the services.

Can I clean the chimney myself?

There is a possibility for doing your own chimney cleaning, but it requires a need to use several specialized tools that most homeowners do not have on hand. Aside from that, cleaning a chimney may be defined genuinely as a strenuous work. Several homeowners can perfectly get up on their roofs with the appropriate tools, doing a careful and detailed sweep themselves, but it is essential to ensure that you are up for the job for your safety.

No matter if you are hiring a professional or deciding to get the job done by yourself, chimney cleaning is an essential task and it should never be neglected. However, unless you have a trained eye along with the right equipment, it is important to consider a professional, as you may not correctly spot the trouble areas that our technicians are trained for.

When done appropriately, Santa will not have a difficulty sneaking your gifts into your home 😉  and you are making your home a much safer place to be during the winter season.

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