Central Vacuum Cleaning

Lint clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of a fire. Prevent it with this service!

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Add a Central Vacuum Cleaning Service

From $59 / system

This service:

  • Central Vacuum Expert Cleaning
  • Vent Connection Check

Prices do not include GST 


Prices do not include GST. A minimum service call is $119.  Some restrictions apply, please call for details.

Cleaning the central vacuum canister
Cleaning the central vacuum canister

 This service is an add-on to Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Our cleaning service removes most debris, dust, and pathogens from your heating and cooling system. We use a powerful truck-mounted safe cleaning method called the Roto-Whip™ system that penetrates deep into your ductwork and has an extensive reach that can go to any corner of the system without the risk of damaging other components.

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Central Vacuum Cleaning Service

Five Star Cleaning
"We always call them to clean our dryer vent ducts every second year or so, as these can ignite otherwise and cause fires"
"It was shocking to see the amount of lint they pulled out of our vents, I am glad we did our dryer vent cleaning and duct cleaning!"
"Alberta Furnace Cleaning is the go to company to clean your commercial dryer vents, I use them in my 2 restaurants"
"Wayne was amazing, thank you for all the tips and advice, he knows heating systems in and out, a to z, highly recommended"
"Clogged dryer vents are especially dangerous in the dry weather of Calgary, this is a must service and we don't skip a year. we always call Alberta Furnace Cleaning, they always have the best price and their service is great"
"A+ Company and great rates for any cleaning related services"
" ... great service experience with Alberta Furnace Cleaning, we did our dryer vents, furnace and ducts, highly recommended."
"Riz and Isy did a great job in our townhouse, the dryer was not working properly becaue it was clogged, they cleaned it spotless and now it's back to normal"

Your Central Vacuum System

In addition to furnace and duct cleaning services, Alberta Furnace Cleaning also offers several related residential cleaning services such as central vacuum cleaning using our state of the art truck powered cleaning systems.

A central vacuum system running at full efficiency is a convenient addition to any household, however, in order to maintain its optimum function, regular cleaning of the full system is advised to central vacuum owners.

Using our high power vacuum truck, we empty the canister and neatly dispose of the dust and debris. We then use high-pressure air in each of your vacuum ports to clear any blockages from the system and ensure maximum airflow in your system.

Dirty Central Vacuum Canister
Dirty Central Vacuum Canister

Restore Full Power

Experience the difference between a clean and efficient central vacuum free of debris and other obstructions. Professional cleaning will restore the full power of your system while reducing your energy bills and disposing of accumulated debris from the normal use of your system.

The difference will be noticeable right away because like any other vacuum, when it free of debris and garbage and has no obstruction, it will be able to clean much faster and deeper. Finally, this, like any other of our services will amount to a smaller energy bill at the end of the day.