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Dirty Dryer Vent - Fire Hazard
Dirty Dryer Vent are a leading cause for house fires.

Dryer Vents

In addition to furnace and duct cleaning services, Alberta Furnace Cleaning also offers several related residential cleaning services using our state of the art equipment.

Many people are not aware that as well as emptying the lint trap on your dryer, regular cleaning of the duct leading from the dryer to the outside of your home is necessary. Lint and debris which are not trapped by the screen get through and can gradually clog the vent, leading to decreased dryer function and in extreme cases, a potential fire hazard to your home.

Short ducts venting directly from the dryer to the exterior of the home normally can be easily accessed and cleaned by the homeowner, however, the further the dryer is from the exterior vent, the more difficult and inconvenient this can become.

Dryer vent Cleaning

Using high pressure air tools, we pull built up lint from your dryer vent, removing any blockages as well as clearing the build up on the sides of the duct. It is advised that the dryer vent be fully cleaned at least every two years, and that the homeowner inspect the vent and dryer for signs of blockage every few months.

High rises, commercial cleaning?

For information on dryer vent cleaning for apartments or commercial operations, please contact us and request to speak with our service or operations manager for a detailed commercial quote and service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Technician cleaning a clogged and dirty dryer vent and ducts.

Lint Build Up in the Vents – A Fire Hazard

The constant use of a home dryer machine can also pose some dangers, especially when it comes to the lint build up that might occur in the exhaust vent. Lint is flammable and it is one of the leading causes for residential fires.

Lint build up can also eventually reduce the dryer quality of your machine to the point that it could damage clothes. To avoid such scenario, a regular check and cleaning of your dryer vents is recommended ( usually once every year to 2 years depending on the use ).

Last, a clogged dryer vent will require your dryer machine to work harder than it should as ventilation is reduced, hence decreasing it’s efficiency and increasing your energy usage.

Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keeping your dryer vent clean, reduces the risk of fires and increases energy efficiency. You will be assured that your clothes will be dried up completely without experiencing any fabric damage.

We usually recommend to clean your dryer vents when you do your regular furnace and duct cleaning, which is usually recommended every one or two years depending on the home.

Dryer Machine Maintenance
Technicians inspecting a dryer machine.
Dryer Vent Cleaning Service
Rated 5 Out of 5 from 23 Reviews
5/ 5 "We always call them to clean our dryer vent ducts every second year or so, as these can ignite otherwise and cause fires"
5/ 5 "It was shocking to see the amount of lint they pulled out of our vents, I am glad we did our dryer vent cleaning and duct cleaning!"
5/ 5 "Alberta Furnace Cleaning is the go to company to clean your commercial dryer vents, I use them in my 2 restaurants"
5/ 5 "Wayne was amazing, thank you for all the tips and advice, he knows heating systems in and out, a to z, highly recommended"
5/ 5 "Clogged dryer vents are especially dangerous in the dry weather of Calgary, this is a must service and we don't skip a year. we always call Alberta Furnace Cleaning, they always have the best price and their service is great"
5/ 5 "A+ Company and great rates for any cleaning related services"
5/ 5 " ... great service experience with Alberta Furnace Cleaning, we did our dryer vents, furnace and ducts, highly recommended."
5/ 5 "Riz and Isy did a great job in our townhouse, the dryer was not working properly becaue it was clogged, they cleaned it spotless and now it's back to normal"