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Signature Furnace Tune Up

Our signature 28 point furnace tune-up is a most do service for most homes in Calgary. It practically covers every component and function of your furnace to guarantee you peace of mind and optimal function of your furnace and heating system.

Furnace tune-ups are recommended by most manufacturers once a year and are mandatory to keep most furnace warranties valid. This service usually pays for itself on energy savings alone by reducing the cost of operation of your furnace unit.


About this service:

  • Ā Complete 28 Point Tune Up ( see below for details )
  • 1 Standard Residential Furnace Tune-Up
  • Multi-Point System Checkā„¢
  • FREE Disposable Air Filter
  • Bonus Air Miles Reward Miles

Prices do not include GST and Environmental Fee

Components of a Furnace
Technician inspecting the individual components of the furnace.

28 Points:

  • Thermostat check
  • Furnace operation check
  • Air filter check
  • Temperature rise check
  • Gas pressure check
  • Mark fuse/switch for furnace power
  • Gas safety check
  • Gas line check
  • Clean pilot or flame sensor
  • Clean burners, transfer ports
  • Air fuel mixture inspect/adjust
  • Combustion air check
  • Motor cooling ports cleaning
  • Motors lubrication
  • Main blower motor check
  • Vent motor check
  • Shaft and bearings check
  • Belt check: condition, tension, and alignment
  • High-pressure safety check
  • Heat exchanger inspection: condition, rollout, and disturbance
  • Vent system inspection
  • Pressure switches and vacuum lines check
  • Condensate line/trap check
  • Vent damper check
  • Ignition system check
  • Exterior unit check
  • Leak test: press tap, union, fittings, and shutoff
  • Carbon monoxide test


Subject to availability. Furnace tune-up for 1 standard make and model furnace only. All parts & additional services are charged separately. GST & Environmental fees not included. Some restrictions apply call for details.

Recommended Service – Furnace and Duct Cleaning

The foundation for an efficient, money-saving and well-functioning heating/cooling system in a home with a forced air system is a well kept and clean system free of debris, clogged vents, dirty filters and related. It is strongly recommended that your furnace and duct work be cleaned at least once every 2 years by a professional.

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Furnace Tune Up Service
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Benefits of a furnace tune-up

Besides your warranty, a proper furnace tune-up can save you money during the cold season. A furnace running in top conditions will use less power and run more efficiently.

The 28 points cover all areas of the furnace that need to be inspected and fixed for a proper furnace use. This tune up will basically restore as much as possible the efficiency of your furnace.

Imagine your furnace is like a vehicle, with the proper maintenance the vehicle will use fuel efficiently and will cause the least amount of trouble to the user, the same principle goes to your furnace and basically any other appliance you use on a regular basis.