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Your air filter is one of the key components of a well-performing heating and cooling system


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A good furnace filter is key for breathing quality air indoors, it can be the difference between breathing allergens and pollutants or not. Like many other products the more you invest in a quality item the better the returns tend to be. At Alberta Furnace Cleaning we believe in a balance between cost and quality and have a multitude of options from the disposable traditional filter to the more premium types.

Alberta Furnace Cleaning is the exclusive Alberta supplier of the Allergen X Furnace Filter.

Clean New Furnace Filter

The Allergen X 5000

The Allergen X is designed to simply replace your standard disposable furnace filter, with no installation costs or modification to your system. The Allergen X has a unique design including unique pleating of the electrostatic media on the pre-filter side which prevents larger particles of dust and lint from clogging the filter’s surface, ensuring optimum airflow and helping your furnace to run with its intended efficiency. Since the filter is electrostatic, rather than an electronic filter, no electricity is required, and no harmful ozone is produced.

Here are other exclusive benefits of this filter:

  • It captures 99.9% of all airborne particles
  • It kills 86.5% of harmful microorganisms ( virus, bacteria, fungi, etc. ) in a single air pass
  • It is tested and approved for high energy and high airflow systems

We stock standard furnace filter sizes, and custom sizes are available at no extra charge. Call our office or talk to your cleaning technician to get your Dust Eater electrostatic filter!

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